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  • Grooming

    Skin Before you sleep, cleanse your facial skin. During the day, wear a non-greasy mo...

    16.10.2011 | 2 comments

Meeting Etiquette

ROLE OF CHAIRPERSON Check if the teleconferencing room is available on the date and time. Remember to reserve the room for your conference. Make a lis...

Tips For Women

Your knowledge and observance of the norms of business and social etiquette are important indicators of your background, education, and even values. I...

General Etiquette

Fortunately very few indulge in indecorous office behavior. All the same, they are noted here so that all professionals everywhere demonstrate correct...


A basic ingredient for success is to be recognized as an expert at the business angles of marketing, finance or HR. Important though it is, it is not ...


Corporate Attire and Accessories for Women

What and who you are is as important as what you wear and look like. To win and be taken seriously i...

28.10.2011 | 6 comments

Oral Brush your teeth well thrice in 24 hours: After breakfast, after dinner, and definitely after l...

28.10.2011 | 1 comment
Accessories for Men in Corporate Setting

Shoes: Two pairs of black leather-soled, laced – pumps do not look business-like (for black, dark ...

17.10.2011 | 9 comments

Handling Clients

Entertainment Skills: As an official guest at a restaurant

While the rules for hosts are larger in number and more stringent, a guest also has responsibilities...

06.10.2012 | 0 comments
Networking Tips – When Invited for a Get Together

Successful networking tips and strategies when you are invited to a get-together: Decide what you wa...

05.08.2012 | 0 comments
Dinner Etiquette – Toasting Types

A toast is an essential and gracious part of a successful business or social meal. A toast brings to...

15.06.2012 | 0 comments